The female version of the most iconic meme in internet history.
After years of living on Cleavage Island, It's time to go home. Help in the return to Gooch Island and who knows if in its repopulation minting one of 5200 TitPussys.

Mint 13.04.2024

Pre Sale/13.04

0.02 ETH

Public Sale/14.04

0.03 ETH

Total Supply


Come join us on Discord, sign up to our allow list, and become part of the community.
There are 3 legendary CTP that are arranged in magical positions for minting.

About CryptoTitPussys
After much time analyzing the Dickbutts, we came to the conclusion that there should be a female version of them. It was when we were searching all over the world that we found this new specie, the TitPussys that are fun and sexy, a celebration of femininity in a world dominates by masculinity.
Every CTP has a story to tell, each with a set of randomly generated traits and it can help to shape the future.
What's Next
Love, repopulation, war, coexistence... The community will have the final say on the future of Gooch Island after the return.
New Mathematical algorithms will be define. New Islands will be discovered. New horizons open up for CTP and CDB.